13th Beach Triathlon

Post 2 – Barwon Heads Triathlon

Are you ready? TIPS AND DRILLS Hi everyone, we hope you had a great, relaxing Christmas and New Year and you're all motivated to jump into the 8 week training program for the 13th Beach Health Services '2019 Barwon Heads Triathlon' on the 3rd of March. We are proud to be involved with such a [...]


BLISTERS Unfortunately blisters are one of the most common injuries seen in sport. Occurring to around 33- 50% of the population WHAT CAUSES THEM? There is a common misconception that RUBBING causes blisters! But in fact it is more related to the shearing forces of soft tissue + bones inside our feet, rather than [...]

What a corker!

What a corker! Although, in this case, not such a good thing! A “corky” refers to an injury that generally occurs in contact sports, such as football, cricket or hockey, where there is a risk of high impact between equipment or players and the body. This impact can result in [...]