Golf Swing Biomechanical Screening Services

Golf is a sport that people of all different shapes, sizes, ages and abilities fall in love with and play every day.
It is a constant battle against yourself, the last thing golfers need to worry about is their bodies failing them and not allowing them to continue doing what they love.

No two swings are the same, so why would advice around improving be the same? There is no one size fits all.

At 13th Beach Health Services, we are now offering Golf Swing Biomechanical Screening Services with Dr David Proctor (Osteopath)
who is accredited by the Titleist Performance Institute as a Medical Level one practitioner.

What is it?

A screening process of 16 individual movements that mimic different stages in the golf swing. Designed by the world-renowned Titleist Performance Institute, experts in golf performance.

Who is it for?

For everyone! The beauty of this screening is it can be applied to professional golfers on the PGA tour but is just as useful for first time golfers and everyone in between.

Why would I do it?

  • to improve your golf game
  • decrease your chances of injury
  • to be able to play more golf without being held back by your body.

What are the benefits?

The Golf Swing Biomechanical Screening will show you the areas that are holding you back in golf and give you a plan to address them. The goal is to play golf to the best of your abilities and then improve your abilities.

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Meet your golf score saviour

David is an experienced single figure golfer and has worked closely for many years with golfers of all abilities, ranging from international golf professionals to recreational golfers. He has worked at a number of PGA events, treating both male and female professional golfers.
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