13th Beach Triathlon

Post 7 – Barwon Heads Triathlon

Tips for Raceday Preparation and Recovery: From all of us here at 13th Beach Health Services we would like to congratulate you on making it to the start line and participating in the Barwon Heads Triathlon. If you are a first time triathlete or even a veteran of the sport, preparation and recovery is vitally important. When [...]

Post 6 – Barwon Heads Triathlon

Are you ready? TIPS AND DRILLS Low back pain is the most common cause of musculoskeletal pain and unfortunate the biggest complaint that patients present to our clinic in Barwon Heads with. In this video please enjoy watching experienced Osteopath, Mother, Netball-Superstar, and 2-time Barwon Heads Triathlon competitor Melb Briggs discussing the common presentation of [...]

Post 5 – Barwon Heads Triathlon

Are you ready? TIPS AND DRILLS We hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying training for the 13th Beach Health Services '2019 Barwon Heads Triathlon'. No doubt if you have been committed to an exercise program you are starting to get sore around the neck and shoulders. This could be further exacerbated if you [...]

Post 4 – Barwon Heads Triathlon

Are you ready? TIPS AND DRILLS With all the running and cycling that Triathletes do, it's inevitable that the feet, ankles and lower legs start to get sore.  So our fabulous Podiatrist Denikka Greaves has put together a quick video discussing common issues Triathletes present to our clinic complaining of. Please enjoy the video as [...]