Treatment Services Ocean Grove Life Happens Don’t let pain, injury or stress hold you back from enjoying life to the fullest!

What We Treat

Pain, injury or discomfort can occur unexpectedly without warning at work, during sport and exercise or simply doing the things we love.
Our world class team of practitioners service the community of Barwon Heads and The Bellarine Peninsula. They have experience in treating just about anything you can imagine and if we can’t help you, we’ll find someone who can, that’s our promise.

  • LIFE

    Life’s stages present different challenges from infancy to maturity and beyond. That’s why we have a diverse team of talented practitioners with different interests and complementary experience in specific pain, injuries and conditions.
    We are here to support you with pregnancy, growing or changing bodies, health, fitness, wellbeing, stress, accidents, injuries, trauma, relaxation or maybe just a helping hand and a friendly ear.
    We love our patients and that’s why they love us!

    We love helping locals! Our team treat, sponsor and are actively involved with local sporting clubs, high profile athletes and future sporting greats; in fact we probably treat some of your idols and sporting heroes.
    If you are professional athlete, if you want to be at your best or you just play for enjoyment we are here to help!! Unfortunately accidents happen, injuries occur and pain is part of most sports. If are hurt, if you are injured or if you want to recover faster so you can be better come and see us.
    If we can’t help you we promise to find someone who can!
  • WORK

    Most people are so busy at work they don’t realise that what they are doing might be harmful. From sitting at desk all day, being on your feet for hours, commuting to and from your job or driving all day for work, and consider the real impact a physically demanding job is having on your body.
    Your job may be causing you physical or emotional stress. Our team can help you with ergonomics, biomechanics, relaxation, wellbeing, health and fitness. There are many things in your day to day activities that we can suggest, change or adjust to help you live a healthier and happier life.
    It’s your body and you only one, let us help you look after it!

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