Project Description

Tim Altman

B.SC. (Psychology Major)
B.H.Sc. (Naturopathy)
Advanced Diploma in Respiratory Therapy and Buteyko Breathing Practitioner

I have had a lifelong relationship with water and the ocean. I have been enjoying paddling and coaching competitively on surf skis and kayaks at national and international levels for over 35 years. I also have a strong interest in yoga and meditation.

I developed a very strong affinity with nutrition and treating the whole body as an integrated system rather than viewing systems as separate entities. The intention being to understand and treat the illness at level of the ‘root cause’ of what led to pathology, rather than simply focusing on the symptoms that eventuate from the pathological functioning. A large part of my professional practice involves working with performance, particularly with athletes.

I enjoy treating anyone who is open to actively participating in their health, wellness and performance outcomes.

I found it super appealing to be a part of a dynamic team of practitioners, who can share their knowledge and experience.
Plus, I really like Barwon Heads as a community.

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