Tapering is an important aspect to any event or competition. Different types of competition and training schedules call for different types of tapering but generally speaking it is a reduction in loads to allow the body to catch up from a hard training schedule and then perform at its peak.

When we consider our training plan being a 10 week program we can expect a week or two of relative reduction in loads. It is reasonable to expect that as the total volume has been decreased, the intensity or speed at which you complete a session may be slightly higher than normal.

Definitely do not start any new forms of exercise, but if you are strength training, you may choose to supplement an ‘on-legs’ session with another strength session to still give your muscles a stimulus but perhaps not the taxing run that you would’ve done otherwise.

The general idea is that you keep moving, but you move less, however you move with more intent!

Make sure that you feel fresh and energetic afterwards.

Goodluck on race day and have fun!


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