Kids are doing more than just walking in their school shoes, they are running and playing sport on all types of surfaces, from hard concrete, grass to sand and tanbark.

It is important that the shoes fit and function well, and most importantly are comfortable. On average, school children spend approximately 1,500 hours per year in their school shoes. Here are a few key things to look for to ensure the correct school shoe fit for any age child returning or starting school:

  1. Use a store that measures your child’s foot for the correct length and width
  2. Always have a walk around the shop to make sure there are no ‘tight’ or ‘sore’ spots on the foot
  3. There should be a thumbs width between the end of the big toe and the end of the shoe
  4. The heel counter and sole should be firm and the shoe should bend across the ball of the foot
  5. Purchase good quality materials, a leather shoe is best for breathability and flexibility

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