Do you frequently experience the illusion of movement, when everything (including yourself) is actually standing still? You could be suffering from dizziness or vertigo, but don’t worry, help is at hand – more specifically, the hand of your osteopath.

Vertigo and dizziness are complex conditions due to the variety of possible factors that play a part in their presence. These factors can include:

* Conditions of the inner ear, such as infection or issues with the balance sensors

* Visual/eye problems

* Issues with blood pressure and blood supply to the brain

* Certain medications

* Anxiety and hyperventilation

* Issues of the neck that affect particular nerves, causing confusion about the body’s position and movement

Osteopaths are particularly well equipped to help you with these issues due to their thorough knowledge and understanding of human physiology and biomechanics (the structure and function of the body and all of its parts). After gaining an understanding of your particular set of circumstances and through a gentle examination, an osteopath will generally be able to determine the cause of your problems.

Depending on the cause, vertigo and dizziness can generally be treated by an osteopath through a series of gentle treatments that will assist in relieving pressure and irritation; facilitating the body to return to a healthy state of function. Vast improvements can be experienced almost instantly through a gentle and targeted osteopathic treatment.

For the targeted treatment of the cause of your vertigo, as opposed to simply treating the symptoms, contact 13th Beach Health Services. Our highly experienced Barwon Heads osteopaths will assist you to get the long-term relief that you deserve. Call our friendly clinic today on (03) 5254 2668 for your appointment – and let our team help to stop the room from spinning!