Mat Pilates Start feeling stronger, healthier and more energised. Mat Pilates Start feeling stronger, healthier and more energised. Mat Pilates Start feeling stronger, healthier and more energised. Mat Pilates Start feeling stronger, healthier and more energised.

The Online Mat Pilates Class you have been looking for!! 

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Welcome to the 13th Beach Health Services Community Facebook Group!

Your one stop shop for everything health and wellbeing from our wonderful team. While we cannot see people face to face we are still committed to finding ways that we can assist in maintaining the health of our beloved community in such difficult and uncertain times.

Here you will find online pilates classes, stretches, our favourite exercises and workout routines, as well as education and advice from our trusted practitioners and the odd recipe to keep you occupied during isolation!

We understand there is a lot of advice and information being shared online, but as qualified health practitioners we want to ensure our community has a source of information they can trust, and know they are doing positive things for their health. We want this to be as engaging and interactive as possible so please post questions or leave us comments so everyone can share in the information.

Stay positive, happy and healthy!

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We love exercise and we all know the health benefits to be gained from regular physical activity such as Mat Pilates.

Not only will you will you have complete access at your fingertips to many hours of specific pilates exercise programs, you will also be able to access:-
  • Convenience

    These mat Pilates sessions, presented and performed by our highly skilled Physiotherapist, can be performed anywhere you choose such as the comfort and convenience of your own home. 

    Now there’s no need to go out for expensive Pilates classes at set times… you decide when you do it and you decide where.

  • We’ve Made It Simple..

    – No joining fee 

    – Small weekly membership payment of $35

    – No lock in contracts

    – Simple and convenient payment option

  • What to Expect

    Our Pilates expert Briony will take you through 3 different strength workouts each week:

    Workout 1: Beginners Mat pilates session

    This workout uses basic pilates principles to activate important muscles correctly and gently build a foundation of strength.

    It is suitable for all fitness levels and does not require any extra equipment.


    Workout 2: Home Equipment session

    This workout will utilise basic equipment that you may have at home including

    – Hand weights or canned food as an alternative

    – Theraband or resistance bands

    – Furniture such as a chair, table or bench

    This class is a beginner to intermediate level as there are usually options for different fitness levels


    Workout 3: Advanced mat pilates

    This workout uses the concepts and movements from the beginner class but at a more complex level. It will sometimes utilise some of the equipment listed in workout 2.

    Once again there will be alternatives offered so that everyone can still complete the class even if they are at a beginner level.

     All three workouts are safe, low impact and simple to complete to make them easier and more enjoyable to do !

    Key areas that will be targeted in the classes include:

    – The Glutes

    – Stability of the pelvis and lower back or “core strength”

    – Posture strength

    – A mixture of exercises for the arms, legs and shoulders

  • What Are You Waiting For?

    We all know the importance of staying fit and healthy. We also know how important it is to have access to expert advice that you can utilise at your convenience. Don’t trust your health with just anyone, don’t risk getting injured.

    Wading through hours of online so called ‘experts’ can be confusing and just plain frustrating. We’ve done all the hard work for you…. join our tribe and let our expert team guide your health and well-being!

Join Us for Mat Pilates Online!!

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