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13th BHS Move Club 

Presented by 13th Beach Health Services

We are really excited to announce the return of our new FREE health initiative called 13th BHS Move Club starting from Wed 3/01/2021.  We will be meeting at 6:00pm at the Barwon Heads Bridge carpark and sessions will typically go for approximately 45 minutes.

The aim of move club is to be all inclusive of people of all abilities so we will try to divide the runners up into as many groups as possible for people to challenge themselves but feel comfortable at the same time. To do this we will have ‘pacers’ taking groups based on abilities from faster runners through to people happy to alternate between running and walking.

Our move run club is ran by local superstar Anthony Goss from Beckworth Racing. Anthony is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to coaching and triathlons so if you have any questions for him, come on down to Wednesday Night Run Club at 6:00pm and hit him up!


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We love running and we all know the health benefits to be gained from regular physical activity such as running. 

So we wanted to create a group where people could come together on a regular basis with some simple goals: 

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David enjoys treating a wide range of conditions and has a keen interest in treating pregnancy related issues, children and sporting injuries.
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AMY PROCTOROsteopath and Marathon Mum
Amy has a keen interest in women’s health and enjoys working with patients during and after pregnancies to share this wonderful experience.
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