Project Description

Keegan Fitzgerald



Bachelor of Health Sciences (La Trobe University)

Master of Physiotherapy Practice (La Trobe University)

Graduate Certificate of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (La Trobe University)

Keegan enjoys being active and has first hand experience playing or supporting players in a range of team and individual sports. In the past he has competed competitively on state and national levels in cross country and middle distance athletics. More recently he has recently taken up Hockey, and always enjoys camping and hiking trips.

Keegan likes to challenge himself and learn new things and outside of work plays the guitar, enjoys mind puzzles and tries to train his energetic border-collie.

Keegan has worked in busy private practices in regional Victoria and busy Melbourne suburbs, working closely with individual athletes, sporting teams and people following musculoskeletal injuries. He also has worked in acute hospital settings (such as the emergency departments, orthopaedic and neurosurgical wards), specialty chronic pain rehabilitative services and gym based rehabilitation centres.

Keegan draws from his range of past experiences to provide effective and evidence-backed treatment options for patients. Special effort is always made to include and educate patients on their journey, ease symptoms quickly, optimise movement and prevent recurrence.

He is able to provide dry needling, exercise therapy, biomechanics assessment, Pilates (strength and conditioning) and provide hydrotherapy programs.

Being active is important to Keegan. So when someone has pain, Keegan wants to do everything he can to see them back moving and doing the things they enjoy most quickly. Keegan is always available to help with muscle, joint and spinal complaints and particularly enjoys treating shoulder, knee and ankles injuries. People often “put up with” these injuries when early and specific treatment can make a big difference.

Keegan believes there is a great skill in selecting the right treatment so that underlying problems causing pain and dysfunction are addressed. This is often why past efforts of treatment have been unsuccessful. Keegan prides himself on providing thorough assessments to understand these underlying factors and allows for more successful treatment. This also ensures that once someone’s symptoms are eased, their function and movement is restored, a tailored plan can be made to prevent injuries coming back.

Keegan loves, understands and respects the coastal environment and community. He wants to help the local community people get the most out of their own life by preventing and recovering from pain and suffering from injuries.

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