Chilblains By Catherine Nicol

Chilblains By Catherine Nicol If you have ever experienced chilblains, you will be well aware that these itchy, red or purple, tender lesions can be seriously irritating. The recent drop in Victorian temperatures is a stark reminder that winter is not far away, making now the perfect time to learn all about the potential [...]

What Are Foam Rollers Used For??

What Are Foam Rollers Used For? Foam rollers are a useful tool for preventing injury, improving recovery, mobility, flexibility, circulation, etc. They are useful for pre and post workout and can also be helpful for recreational or work-related stiffness and soreness. Most likely you have seen them around – at the gym, at your [...]

Osteopathy and the ageing body

Osteopathy and the ageing body Osteopathic treatment is suitable for any age group – from baby to elderly. For the older generation, osteopathy can help you to remain active by improving your body’s ability to move more freely. […]

Nocturnal cramping

Nocturnal cramping Nighttime should be a time of rest and relaxation, however, for many people, it’s the time of the day when muscles begin to cramp. These night cramps, or nocturnal cramps, occur when muscles contract or spasm involuntarily, and as the name suggests – this generally occurs at night. [...]