Is It Time For New Runners?


Is It Time For New Runners? Are your runners worn on one side? Do they have holes? Wearing the correct footwear is important allowing us to go the distance as we increase (or start) our training. Now is a perfect time to invest in an updated pair of running shoes to keep you fresh, active, get [...]

Is It Time For New Runners?2021-01-12T13:56:54+10:00

Plantar Fasciopathy By Catherine Nicol


 Plantar Fasciopathy By Catherine Nicol Heel pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal conditions that podiatrists treat and it is fair to say that even if you are lucky enough not to have experienced it yourself, chances are you have a friend or relative who has told you all about a debilitating pain [...]

Plantar Fasciopathy By Catherine Nicol2020-10-07T13:08:23+10:00

Chilblains By Catherine Nicol


Chilblains By Catherine Nicol If you have ever experienced chilblains, you will be well aware that these itchy, red or purple, tender lesions can be seriously irritating. The recent drop in Victorian temperatures is a stark reminder that winter is not far away, making now the perfect time to learn all about the potential [...]

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