What’s the Difference Between Physiotherapy and Osteopathy?


What’s the Difference Between Physiotherapy and Osteopathy?   If you suffer from a chronic condition, experience ongoing pain, or are recovering from a sports injury or difficult surgery, then chances are that you’ve been recommended every specialist in the book. Everyone you talk to will have different opinions on the best form of treatment. But, for many of [...]

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Your Guide to Osteopathy for Sports Injuries


Your Guide to Osteopathy for Sports Injuries   When you’re trying to stay active and healthy, the last thing you need is an injury! Sports injuries are common and can affect anybody, regardless of your level of fitness or chosen sport. And despite the fact that some injuries are unavoidable, there are ways to [...]

Your Guide to Osteopathy for Sports Injuries2022-01-19T17:27:38+11:00

Neck Pain


Neck Pain By Osteopath Ella Meehan Neck pain can be a painful, frustrating and even frightening experience. It can be acute (sudden) or chronic (long lasting) and can occur for various reasons. There are many treatment options available to help you overcome your pain, and restore your mobility and function. This blog will discuss [...]

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Dynamic Warm Up


Dynamic Warm Up By Osteopath Ella Meehan The WHY and HOW!! Whether you’re a full time athlete or weekend warrior, knowing how to prepare your body for exercise to avoid injury and perform at your best is important. Numerous studies have found the traditional means of warming up via static stretching may not be [...]

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