Dry Needling Explained

Dry Needling Explained Have you ever wondered what dry needling is or whether it might be suitable for you? According to Osteopath Nick Cannon, dry needling is a treatment technique used by health professionals to provide pain relief through selective targeting of tight bands of muscles, or ‘knots’, that can relieve trigger points that [...]

What a corker!

What a corker! Although, in this case, not such a good thing! A “corky” refers to an injury that generally occurs in contact sports, such as football, cricket or hockey, where there is a risk of high impact between equipment or players and the body. This impact can result in [...]

Helping your body through the stages of pregnancy

Helping your body through the stages of pregnancy Pregnancy initiates a period of great change. It can be exciting and daunting at the same time, particularly for the expectant mother, with many changes going on with her body as it adjusts through the different stages of pregnancy. There are some more commonly thought of [...]