Why you’re advised to drink water following your osteo treatment

No doubt, at the end of an osteopathic treatment your osteo has stressed that you should drink plenty of water. And you have probably accepted that advice at the time, then later wondered why.

For those of you that have wondered, or even more for those of you that haven’t followed your osteo’s advice, here the main reasons that you need to drink plenty of water following your treatment.

The work that your osteo has done on your muscles and joints will have resulted in your musculoskeletal system functioning more optimally than it had been. This change allows for other systems in your body to also begin to function better. Systems, such as the lymphatic system, will be working to assist in the removal of toxins and waste from the body via the movement of fluid. The kidneys also form a part of this removal process, by filtering and flushing out the waste and toxins through urine.

Drinking lots of water will give your kidneys a helping hand to flush out the waste a lot quicker.

You’ll also want to drink plenty of water to aid in the effectiveness of your treatment. The positive changes that occur through your osteopathic treatment don’t begin and end within the confines of your appointment time – they actually continue on in the following hours and days.

Once you have received a treatment, many restrictions within your body will have been released. This will mean that any restrictions on your circulatory system will also have been released, therefore restoring normal blood supply to the affected areas. By hydrating the body, the circulatory system will be able to function more easily, improving blood flow to the treated area, nourishing it with oxygen and nutrients – thereby enhancing the efficacy of your treatment.

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