Unfortunately in Australia wounds are becoming more and more prevalent.
Foot and leg ulcers are ‘open’ sores caused by a break in the skin barrier which doesn’t heal properly. Ulcers require immediate treatment as poor healing can lead to nasty things such as infection or even worse – amputation!
Ulcers can develop due to many reasons such as blisters, poor circulation and abnormal pressures. If you have poor circulation or nerve damage you are at an increased risk of developing an ulcer. Ulcers can develop from a blister from incorrectly fitting footwear, skin tear injuries as well as pressures on the feet from loss of feeling. People with diabetes are again at a higher risk of amputation if they suffer from an ulcer.
Prevention is always better than cure! It’s really important to check your skin daily and seek medical treatment for open wounds immediately. Ensuring good hygiene is important such as washing your feet daily, applying moisturiser and wearing protective footwear such as shoes and socks.
Wounds should be treated by a Podiatrist or wound specialist to remove the dead skin surrounding the wound and to dress with appropriate dressings to encourage the best healing environment.
Preventing the infection from spreading is key when treating wounds. Xray is sometimes necessary to check that infection hasn’t spread to the bone. Vascular surgeons may also need to be involved to ensure adequate blood flow for healing. Denikka our Podiatrist can work with your GP and other health care members to ensure the best treatment is received.

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