What a corker!

Although, in this case, not such a good thing! A “corky” refers to an injury that generally occurs in contact sports, such as football, cricket or hockey, where there is a risk of high impact between equipment or players and the body. This impact can result in much more damage than you might expect.

The terms “corky” or “corked thigh” are used to describe an injury resulting from a direct impact to the belly of a muscle. This blow compresses the muscle against the underlying bone, often causing a deep rupture to the muscle tissue, resulting in bruising and inflammation. This type of injury, also known as a contusion, may also occur in other areas of the body, such as the calf or upper arm. Although this is less common.

A corky or contusion can vary in severity, from a mild bruise that improves over a few days, to deeper bruising that may take several months to heal. There are two types of contusion:

Intramuscular contusion

This contusion involves tearing of the muscle within a surrounding sheath. As the bleeding and other fluids are unable to escape the muscle sheath there is increased pressure, which can result in pain, along with a loss of muscle function and power.

Intramuscular contusion

This involves tearing of the muscle as well as part of the surrounding sheath. Recovery following this type of contusion is often faster than with an intramuscular contusion as the blood and fluids are able to escape from the injury site.


* Pain after the impact

* Swelling and/or bruising

* Restricted movement and weakness

* Tightness with stretching

It is important to seek professional help for a proper assessment and diagnosis of your injury. Depending on the severity, if left untreated or with improper treatment, you could cause further damage and even permanent disability.

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