22-Week-6-Benefits of Gluteal Strengthening

WEEK 6 | Benefits of Gluteal Strengthening

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The gluteal muscles are your powerhouse muscles to generate speed and power. They are important for both the sprinter and the distance runner. The benefits of improving your gluteal strength include:

• stabilising across your hip and pelvis, allowing for more efficient muscle activation

• improved speed and performance

• reducing ground reaction force (impact) on the joints

When prescribing exercise for the purpose of building strength you should aim for 8-12 repetitions (x2-3 rounds) at an intensity level 60-70% at the end of each exercise. It should feel medium to hard intensity to be induce a muscle strengthening effect.

I have demonstrated my top 3 running gluteal strengthening and activation exercises. I would recommend completing two rounds of these exercises before your running session to maximise the effect and feedforward into your running biomechanics.

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