Trochonteric Bursitis or Gluteal Tendinopathy

Trochonteric Bursitis is a common diagnosis for lateral hip pain. It presents more in females than males. A lot of the time there is no specific incident that causes the pain. Patients can describe over doing a common activity for example going overseas and doing lots of walking. It can be described as pain on the outside of their hip/pelvis, walking, rolling over in bed, lying on the effected side, going up stairs and getting out of a chair can be sore and annoying.

Patients can present to their general practitioner for clarification, diagnosis for their pain and dysfunction. Commonly an ultrasound is performed and a diagnosis of bursitis is given. GP’s could then prescribe a course of anti-inflammatories and even a cortisone injection into the bursa, work fantastically the first time and then the second one gives no relief.

What we see in conjunction with the bursa being inflamed is that there is a gluteal tendinopathy. So what does this mean? It means a failed healing response after an unaccustomed activity or an overload in a common activity. A tendinopathy is define as a failed healing response. So how do we diagnose and fix this common issue. A tendinopathy can be diagnosed on ultrasound and also with MRI. Commonly we will see the hip joint can also be part of the diagnosis to. Treating the gluteal tendinopathy is a lot to do with exercise modification, release work and re-loading the tender with exercise.

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Konrad Slavinskis – Physiotherapist

B.App.Sci (Human Movement), M.App.Sci (Exercise for Rehabilitation) and

M.Phty. St (Physiotherapy)




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