The Top 8 Benefits of Remedial Massage

Plenty of healthcare professionals will hear question after question about remedial massage therapy. What is it? Why is it different from regular massaging? Could it offer any injury support?

Remedial massage may have more to offer than you think. With its targeted massage techniques and focus on muscles that can trigger pain across the body, remedial therapists can help boost pain reduction and speed up recovery. Continue reading as we explain eight benefits that remedial massage therapy can offer.

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1. Treatment for a Variety of Health Conditions

There is a broad range of health disorders and conditions that can benefit from remedial massage therapy techniques. It is extremely common for issues such as arthritis, sports injuries, muscle spasms, and chronic pain to be treated with remedial massage. Even problems such as tension headaches and anxiety can sometimes be prescribed remedial massage to ease the symptoms.

2. Injury Management

Recovering from an acute injury or physical trauma can take a long time. Remedial massage may be able to help decrease the pain associated with these injuries and help clients better manage their daily recovery journeys. Having a regular remedial massage, perhaps fortnightly or monthly, can help reduce pain.

3. Stress Reduction

People tend to associate massages with stress relief – for good reason! Remedial massage can give your body some exceptional rest and relaxation, but there are also some bigger factors at play. Neurohormones are directly responsible for regulating how you feel, and remedial massage can positively impact these hormones. Massage therapists can stimulate endorphin production, which will boost your mood and decrease the chemical levels that can make you feel stressed.

4. Improved Wellbeing

Remedial massage can affect your life in a variety of different ways. Having your cortisol levels lowered, and greater relaxation is directly linked to having a stronger immune system. A remedial massage therapist can help to lower inflammation stimulation, improve lymphatic drainage, boost lymphocytes, and more!

Lower cortisol levels and increased relaxation have also been linked to a stronger immune system. A session with a massage therapist can help improve lymphatic drainage, boost lymphocytes which help detoxify the body, and lower levels of cytokines which stimulate inflammation.

5. Better Sleep and Blood Flow

When pressure is applied to the body via remedial massage techniques, the body’s circulatory system is stimulated. This improves blood flow – which is essential for healing and injury recovery. Massage can help your body to repair damage and flush out toxins. At the same time, as your physical stress decreases and your body is better equipped to heal itself, sleep can improve! The reduction of musculoskeletal-related pain and increased relaxation are both linked to a greater night’s sleep.

6. Pain Reduction

When something is wrong with your muscles, the effects can be serious. Misaligned or tense muscles can cause chronic pain all over the body, from headaches to sharp back pain. By applying the appropriate treatment techniques, a remedial massage therapist may be able to identify the root cause of pain and relieve the associated symptoms.

7. Improved Posture

Nowadays, people are suffering more and more from poor posture. When you spend all day sitting in the same position, especially if your workplace has poor ergonomics, then the effects may be serious. Tense muscles in the back, neck, and legs can all benefit from remedial massage therapy. The lengthening and relaxing of these muscles can help improve posture, return balance to the body, and improve problems related to slouching.

8. Adaptability

This might just be the best benefit of all. Remedial massage is a dynamic and customisable treatment method, allowing for deep personalisation. A massage therapist will be able to target the specific areas of your body and build a tailored treatment plan that can address whatever specific concerns you may have. Remedial massage is adaptable, flexible, and entirely planned around your unique needs!

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