Suffering from sinus issues? Osteopathy can help!

An osteopath probably isn’t high on the list of practitioners you would think of when suffering from sinus issues, which is a shame, because osteopathic treatment could be just what you need if you’re suffering from sinus congestion, sinus infections or sinusitis. That includes acute (sudden, short-term) conditions, and can be especially beneficial for chronic (long-term) conditions, including allergies and asthma.

The common symptoms experienced by sufferers of sinus problems include a blocked nose and facial pressure and pain. This may occur on one or both sides.

The bones of the skull (cranium) need to align properly in order for the sinuses to function at their best. The sinus cavity itself is made up of various bones that move in a subtle, delicate and deliberate motion. When unable to move freely and correctly, it can result in congestion due to the restrictions.

Osteopathy can assist with sinus issues through the restoration of appropriate movement to the bones of the head, allowing proper drainage of the sinuses and reestablishing normal function. Depending on the presenting problem, treatment may also involve work around the neck, chest and upper back.

By improving the mobility of the cranial bones, treatment promotes the release of the stress and tension from the head, while also generally relieving stress from the body.

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