Selecting the Best Shoes Before Heading Back to School

Best Shoes Before Heading Back to School

It’s that time of year again- books, stationery, uniforms… always plenty to get organised before the kids head back to school! Something worth adding to the back to school to-do list is making sure your child’s feet are in good health and that they are wearing well-fitting footwear that aren’t excessively worn out.

Here a few important considerations when it comes to your child’s foot health and footwear heading into the new school year:

Find a pair of shoes that are suitable for your child’s daily activities

If your child is very active during recess and lunch or wears their everyday school shoe for sporting activities, keep this in mind when purchasing their school shoes. Many footwear brands now offer a range of options that will hopefully fulfill uniform requirements and ensure your child is comfortable all day long, no matter what they are doing.

Have an in-store professional measure both feet and recommend a suitable pair of shoes

Staff at specialist footwear retailers are trained to recommend the best shoe for your child and fit a pair of footwear that:

  • Have roughly half an adult’s thumb width between your child’s longest toe (not always the big toe) and the end of the shoe
  • Has adequate width meaning your child’s toes should not be pressed tightly against one another and are able to be freely wiggled within the shoe
  • Are comfortable straight away as shoes should not need to be “worn in”
  • Don’t allow the heel to slip or the foot to slide forward in the shoe
  • Include some form of fixation (laces, velcro, etc.) to provide an adjustable fit and prevent the foot from sliding around in the shoe

Some local footwear stores that our Podiatrists often recommend include Mudge’s Shoes, Active Feet, The Athlete’s Foot and Faull’s Shoes. For additional information regarding shoe fit, please see our recent blog 9 Tips for Finding The Perfect Shoe Fit.

Have any foot, ankle or lower limb concerns assessed by a Podiatrist Podiatrists are trained to assess and treat lower limb pain most commonly in the

heel or lower legs in children as well as dermatological issues such as ingrown toenails, warts or calluses. They can also assess your child’s footwear and provide more detailed advice regarding your child’s individual circumstance.

To book your child in for a Podiatry assessment, give us a call on 5254 2668 or visit our website