Osteopathy and the ageing body

Osteopathic treatment is suitable for any age group – from baby to elderly. For the older generation, osteopathy can help you to remain active by improving your body’s ability to move more freely. This can in turn assist with maintaining independence, whilst also improving overall health and sense of wellbeing. As another plus, the treatment itself can be quite relaxing.

What conditions can osteopathy treat?

There are a number of common complaints that present among the senior population, most of which can be improved by the skillful hands of an osteopath. Some of these conditions include:

* Pain – neck, back, shoulder, jaw, pelvic, leg, foot

* Mobility (or lack thereof)

* Postural issues

* Balance issues

* Post injury or surgical rehabilitation

* Arthritic symptoms

* Issues associated with osteoporosis

* Poor circulation, fluid retention or swelling

* Headaches and migraines

* Issues related to the nervous system

How can osteopathy help?

Osteopathic treatment aims to improve and maintain flexibility, movement, healthy circulation, muscle function, joint mobility, posture and alignment of the pelvis and spine. As the body ages there are many changes that occur; the spine begins to deteriorate, posture tends to be less upright, many will experience arthritis, muscle stiffness and loss of muscle. By assisting to re-balance the body, ease stiffness and loosen tight muscles, osteopaths can help the body to better adapt to the changes that occur with ageing.

Through a thorough physical examination, your osteopath can assess your general movement, posture, pelvic and spinal alignment, flexibility, muscle tone and joint mobility. This assessment will enable them to create an appropriate treatment plan for your needs.

During a lifetime, the body grows and goes through a number of changes and experiences. Just like your vehicle, it is important to give your body a regular service – particularly as it gets older – to ensure that it is able to function optimally.

Now is as good a time as any to schedule an appointment with a 13th Beach osteopath. At 13th Beach Health Services our friendly team will cater your treatment to your individual requirements. As we provide multiple services, your osteopath is able to refer you to another practitioner, such as one of our physiotherapists, massage therapists or podiatrists to ensure the best outcome for you. So, don’t let your ageing body slow you down, give us a call today! (03) 5254 2668.

* Consume a nutritionally balanced diet

* Improve physical fitness – gradually

* Ensure you warm up, cool down and stretch properly and adequately

* Wear properly fitting shoes and minimize time spent wearing high heels

* Receive regular massages – to help increase blood flow (and therefore nutrients and oxygen), helping to remove toxins, reduce stiffness and increase flexibility

To help with reducing the duration and severity of cramping, try some gentle stretching, and massage the affected area.

If you have been suffering from muscular cramping – whether at night or otherwise – contact us at 13th Beach Health Services in Barwon Heads. Our team of osteopaths, physiotherapists, massage therapists and podiatrists are here to help relieve your symptoms, allowing you to have a more restful nights sleep. Get in touch with our experienced team today on (03) 5254 2668 to book your appointment, and get back to resting and relaxing at nighttime again!


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