Muscle Strain

Muscle strain, muscle pull and even a muscle tear refer to damage to a muscle or its attaching tendons. You can put undue pressure on muscles during normal daily activities, when lifting heavy items, during sports, or while performing work tasks.

Muscle damage can be in the form of tearing – partial or complete, of the muscle fibers and the tendons attached to the muscle. The tearing of the muscle can also damage small blood vessels causing local bleeding, or bruising, and pain caused by irritation of the nerve endings in the area. You may experience pain at rest, have muscle weakness and in extreme cases you may not be able to use the muscle at all.

Why Osteopathy?

Your Osteopaths at 13th Beach Health Services will treat the cause of your strain. It is often necessary to release chronic strains from past injuries and trauma to help acute injuries heal. Chronic strain patterns have the ability to affect the flexibility of your ligaments and muscles, not only predisposing you to injury by reducing flexibility but also limiting your body’s ability to heal. Therefore our osteos will look at your body as a whole and treat any chronic strain patterns that are preventing optimal health.

What will we do?

Our Osteos will assess the function of your muscles to determine if a muscular weakness or instability contributed to your injury. We will then support your recovery by prescribing a specific rehabilitation or physiotherapist to help develop a total health plan. 

If you are suffering from a muscle or ligament strain or injury please call us to make an appointment with one of our Osteopaths, we now have 2 fabulous locations in Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove. We also offer Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Pilates and Remedial Massage!


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