Tips for Raceday Preparation and Recovery:

From all of us here at 13th Beach Health Services we would like to congratulate you on making it to the start line and participating in the Barwon Heads Triathlon. If you are a first time triathlete or even a veteran of the sport, preparation and recovery is vitally important.

When it comes to preparation the biggest tip we can give you is keep your routine exactly the same as a normal training session. That being said it’s wise to get into good habits in the weeks leading into the event. Other handy tips include:

– Book a Remedial Massage, Osteopathy or Physiotherapy treatment to sort out any niggles.

– Stay well hydrated 2 – 3 days before race day.

– Eat a healthy and well balanced meal the night before. (We would recommend a bowl of pasta full of complex carbohydrates to soak those muscle full of Glycogen)

– Get a good nights sleep.

– Know your Race day nutrition plan.

– Have all your equipment and clothing ready and packed.

– Any other idiosyncrasy that will get you ready for the challenge ahead. (We all have them!!)

– Post race once you’ve caught your breath, recovery starts.

– Use water in as many forms as possible. eg Rehydrate, Recovery swim, Ice bath & Contrast bathing (hot/cold).

– Try and eat some form of food within 30 minutes of finishing. (We know this may be difficult)

– Stretch.

– Celebrate and enjoy your wonderful achievement!!!

and lastly…….

Don’t miss the fantastic opportunity to come and see our wonderful team of therapists who will be providing a complimentary post-event massage service to ease those hard working muscles of yours.

If you need a quick getaway after race day and miss the opportunity to see us at the tent, don’t hesitate to call and book an appointment on 5254 2668 to sort out any post event niggles and soreness.

Good luck for the race, embrace the challenge. We will be cheering you all on from the sideline and who knows you might even see a few of us out on the course putting in the hard yards with you.


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