Life is a Balancing Act!

Life is a Balancing Act!

When you think about health, typically you think of diet and exercise. But what about your mind? How you think and what you feel can make a tremendous impact on how your body functions. When you find balance in life, things flow better, and you are effortlessly content, relaxed, healthy and happy. On the other hand, when you feel out of balance, you are uncomfortable and strive both consciously and unconsciously to regain that balance once more.

For example, stressful situations create negative thoughts which can lead to physical pain or illness. On a more physiological level, our body constantly tries to achieve homeostasis, balancing fluid volume, internal body temperature, electrolyte balance, cellular energy production, waste removal and detoxification, tissue repair …. The list goes on! If the body is unable to correct an imbalance, it must compensate for it in other ways. And if this imbalance continues for too long, the compensatory mechanisms can weaken our system and we become prone to illness.

How do you keep your body in balance? There are lots of little things you can do, such as keeping your mind active by learning something new, laughing out loud, meditating, spending time outside, eating more plant-based foods and avoiding processed foods, listening and dancing to music, getting enough good quality sleep at night, etc. But if these steps aren’t enough, make an appointment to see one of the wonderful osteopaths at 13th Beach Health Services. After all, a large part of the work of an Osteopath is in helping the body to find balance. Addressing the physiological imbalances of your body is the best way to treat the cause of your illness or “unwellness”, and the best long term investment you can make towards your overall health and wellbeing.


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