Helping your body through the stages of pregnancy

Pregnancy initiates a period of great change. It can be exciting and daunting at the same time, particularly for the expectant mother, with many changes going on with her body as it adjusts through the different stages of pregnancy.

There are some more commonly thought of changes such as the hormonal, weight gain and added pressure on various organs (think bladder). Possibly less often considered is the shift in the body’s centre of gravity, which of course, changes the posture and the way the body moves. The combination of these changes may create stress on the joints, muscles, ligaments, nerves and vessel (blood and lymph), contributing to some common complaints experienced during pregnancy, such as back pain, sciatica, headaches, swelling, cramps and varicose veins.

Not only do these natural changes and challenges occur, but you may also find that certain stages of pregnancy exacerbate previous or existing conditions and injuries, as well as bringing about new pain and discomfort. Poor posture and previous trauma may also make it more challenging for the body to accommodate the demands of pregnancy.

Did you know that Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and even Podiatry can help ease you and your body through the stages of pregnancy, as well as post birth? Our practitioners at 13th Beach Health Services are highly experienced in treating and assisting the body as it progresses through various changes. We can even offer helpful treatment and services, such as Mat Pilates, to help prepare your body for the changes to come. If you’re planning for pregnancy, are currently expecting or have recently given birth get in touch with us on (03) 5254 2668 to see how we can help your body to adjust. We are located in the beautiful  Barwon Heads.


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