Everything to Know About Remedial Massage

When many of us think about the idea of massage, it can often feel like a luxurious thing. Something indulgent rather than something necessary. When it comes to remedial massage, however, there may be more on offer than a little bit of rest and relaxation. For some patients out there, remedial massage therapy has offered crucial support to their recovery journey. But what exactly is it? 13th Beach Health Services explains.

Continue reading as we break down what remedial massage is and all the other key information you need to know before booking an appointment.

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What is Remedial Massage?

With origins tracing back to early Chinese medical transcripts and wide use by Romans for health reasons, massage is one of the most traditional treatments for physical health problems in history. And yet, so many people can still underestimate the impact that massage could possibly have on a variety of different injuries and conditions.

Remedial massage is a type of complementary therapy, which means it is often used alongside other treatments or prescriptions to support patients in their recovery. It applies a variety of different therapeutic techniques to treat muscles that are damaged, knotted, immobile, or stiff. A remedial therapist will carefully assess the areas of the body that may need treatment to determine whether massage could address problems affecting muscles, bones, and tendons.

Remedial massage techniques are designed to locate damaged areas of the body and boost the body’s natural healing process. Issues with muscles are often an underlying cause or trigger for problems across the wider body. By addressing these areas directly with varying levels of pressure, both the cause and the symptoms can be responded to at once.

How Does Remedial Massage Work?

Let’s walk through what a session with a remedial massage therapist could look like. The very first thing a therapist will do is conduct a full assessment of your health. They will likely take time to discuss your general health and lifestyle, including diet and activity. They will also take the opportunity to hear directly from you what issues you may be looking to treat with massage – about your pain, your injury, your medical history, or your overall concerns.

A remedial massage therapist is going to utilise systematic assessments to find the best way to treat you as a patient. Their treatments and techniques will be targeting muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues within your body. The purpose will always be to assist with pain and promote rehabilitation. With an understanding of anatomy and physiology, your therapist will use these assessments to drive their massage techniques.

The massage itself will be designed to optimise your comfort. Typically, patients will lie down on a table or a couch, and they will be supplied towels to cover themselves up as appropriate. This system is in place to protect privacy and comfort above all else, and your massage therapist will check in with you all along the way to ensure everything is feeling okay.

With a number of different remedial massage techniques, the therapist will deeply penetrate the muscles and ligaments that are causing problems. The session may also involve mobilisation and stretching exercises.

Who is Remedial Massage For?

There is a range of different situations in which remedial massage may be beneficial. Both chronic and acute injuries or conditions can at times be treated with massage therapy. Some of the common problems that remedial massage can help people with include:

  • Repeated injury prevention
  • Chronic pain
  • Headaches
  • Side effects of cancer
  • Side effects of diabetes
  • Addiction rehabilitation
  • Fatigue
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Back pain
  • Sports injuries

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