What Are The Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage?

Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage


Are your muscles feeling tight and sore? Do you feel stressed and tired? How does the idea of an experienced professional releasing your tension, loosening your muscles, and reinvigorating you sound? Pretty good, right?

Deep tissue massage involves a therapist making rhythmic, flowing strokes with their hands to put a gentle force into the deep layers of your muscles and the surrounding connective tissues. This whole-body treatment requires firm pressure to achieve its therapeutic benefits. Though this may be uncomfortable for some, it is not a painful treatment and is performed with careful consideration of your body’s requirements and your goals. There are many positive results to be gained from deep tissue massage and most people can benefit from it.

Our therapists are passionate and trained in providing personalised deep tissue massages that can aid in improving your overall wellbeing. Find out the wonders involved with this form of massage.

How Deep Tissue Massage Help

Deep tissue massage performed by qualified therapists can help to improve your comfort levels, mobility, and functionality. Therapy aims to remove tightness and adhesions within the muscles by targeting trigger points and using deep muscle compression. Some of the benefits of receiving this form of massage include:

· Reduced muscle soreness.

· Reduced swelling and inflammation.

· Improved circulation.

· Decreased muscle toxins.

· Mood enhancement due to tension release and improved pain.

· Better sleep.

· Increased flexibility.


Conditions Deep Tissue Massage Help With

There are a variety of reasons why our patients visit us for a deep tissue massage, occasionally or regularly. We aim to relieve your discomfort and promote your body’s capacity to heal. These may include:

· Recovery and rehabilitation after a sporting injury.

· Recovery after exercise and training.

· Preparation for increased activity.

· Pregnancy.

· Postural issues.

· Poor sleep.

· Ongoing muscle pain.

· Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs).

· Sciatica.

· General pain such as lower back and neck pain.

· Scar tissue.

· Plantar fasciitis.

· Shin splints.

· Muscle strains and tears.

· Lactic acid build up.


What To Expect During A Deep Tissue Massage

The approach taken by our therapists is dependent on what issues are causing you concern. We will provide a full assessment and discuss your relevant health background information, the history of your current complaint, and the goals that you have. We will then develop a personalised treatment plan for you and clearly explain what will be involved and how many sessions may be required.

The techniques involved during your deep tissue massage can include gentle pressure to begin with to prepare and warm up your muscles. More specific methods will then be undertaken. These may include options such as:

  • Friction, in which pressure is applied across the grain of the muscle fibres to realign the soft tissues and decrease tension.
  • Stripping, in which a deep, gliding pressure is placed over the length of the muscle fibres by the therapist with their forearms, thumbs, knuckles, or elbows.

Deep tissue massages differ from some massages as their purpose is to break up tension, adhesions, and scar tissue in the muscles rather than provide a relaxing effect. Subsequently, there can be a certain amount of discomfort during the session, though if it becomes too uncomfortable, you should tell your massage therapist. Do not let this cause you worry or deter you from receiving a deep tissue massage. Bear in mind that any short-term discomfort can lead to longer term relief.

Sometimes people might feel a tenderness or stiffness after treatment, but this generally eases within one to two days. We recommend taking it easy after a treatment and increasing your water intake to help flush the toxins from your muscles into the bloodstream. Your therapist may also advise you to use cold or heat therapy after a session for further relief.


Gain Deep Tissue Relief At 13th Beach Health Services

Our supportive and friendly team members can use their experience, knowledge, and skills to help you find improved comfort and health. Focusing on the deep layers of your hardworking and tired muscles can make a world of difference to your quality of life, productivity, and overall happiness.

If you are struggling with pain, swelling, mobility issues, or a decreased feeling of wellbeing, we can assist. We look forward to meeting you and providing our high-quality services. Contact us to make an appointment for an initial consultation and treatment.