Achilles Tendinopathy

Achilles tendinopathy is a condition that we commonly see in the general population and elite sport. Achilles tendinopathy can present with NO specific incident but is usually associated with a change in load eg. runners, following lower limb surgery, change in surface (ie beach), amount of exercise, environment, weakness etc. Patients could describe an increase in training volume when training for a specific running event and even when starting to walk more on the beach with bare feet. It can be described as having pain and stiffness or a combination of both and may improve with warms ups and even can go away with movement. It can present with having morning pain/stiffness when first starting to walk and pain with hopping, walking and running.

A clinical diagnosis can be made based on history, palpation and testing. Routinely ultrasound can be performed and a specific diagnosis given. There are 2 types of Achilles tendinopathy – mid tendon and insertional (where it attaches to the heel bone). A tendinopathy is defined as a failed healing response.

So how do we fix this common issue?

Treating an Achilles tendinopathy is a lot to do with exercise modification, release work, and re-loading the tendon with exercise and increased loading. A specific graduated calf load program and return to activity program is the key.

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By. Konrad Slavinskis – Physiotherapist B.App.Sci (Human Movement), M.App.Sci (Exercise for Rehabilitation) and M.Phty. St (Physiotherapy)


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