6 Tips For Avoiding Training Errors For Beginner to Intermediate Runners

  1. Aim to keep your acute: chronic workload ratio between 1.0 and 1.25. For more information on the acute: chronic workload ratio, see here. To help with this, planning and consistency is crucial. (For more info on acute: chronic workload ratio see below)
  2. We should aim to manipulate only one variable for each session with that being the sole focus of our run. Variables that you can manipulate are speed, duration, surface (beach, single trail, concrete), incline/decline, etc. Don’t manipulate just for the fun of it, plan your sessions and stick to it!
  3. Especially early on, aim to return from your run feeling like you could’ve gone faster or for longer. This will keep you energised, help you recover and promote self-confidence.
  4. Vary your training. The body loves to do different things and even high level athletes need to cross train to provide the body with different stimuli. Depending on what you enjoy and have access to, think about performing sessions of strength training, cycling, pilates, yoga, HIIT, boxing or anything else you like to vary it up!
  5. Factor in at least one rest day each week. Given that you are trying to overload your system in order to improve, you will need time to allow the body to catch up and recover.
  6. Prepare to train! Whether you need to complete dynamic stretching, activation exercises, tendon loading or any other short duration exercises, these help to prepare your tissues for the demands of your run ahead.

The Kondak is Back! Victoria’s most picturesque Triathlon

Swim Leg – 400m, Bike Leg – 14kms, Run Leg – 4.4 kms


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