5 Reasons You Should Incorporate Massage into Your Training Plan

Massages for fitness purposes can seem like something only ‘serious’ athletes need – made for bodybuilders or runners fresh off a marathon. But you might be surprised by what massage therapy can offer you as a part of your personal training plan. We’ve picked out our five reasons you should consider incorporating remedial massage into your fitness journey. 

This blog will outline some of the top benefits of making massage therapy a routine part of your fitness journey. To book a remedial massage, get in contact with 13th Beach Health Services today. 

1. Injury Prevention

Regular massages can decrease your likelihood of getting injured through your fitness routine. As you get into the rhythm of regular workouts and building up your training plan, scheduling massages as a routine part of your system ensures that you’re stretching and taking care of your muscles as best you can. Carving out time to relax and care for your body, decrease muscle tension and stiffness, protecting your body from undergoing any further damage as you continue to work out and push yourself. In essence, a massage doesn’t simply limit your soreness post-workout – it can help you monitor your progress, and set your body up to limit the likelihood of injury down the track. 


2. Decreased Inflammation

Working out can make you feel great about yourself, both improving mental health and getting your body feeling as strong and capable as ever. But, the effects of increasing your exercise can be painful too. Pushing your body in new ways will often leave you with aches and pains from muscles that aren’t yet used to being put under that level of stress. Inflammation can be a brutal part of the fitness routine, but massage therapy is an effective way to minimise the post-workout pain that can be a real burden on daily life. Massaging your muscles reduces pain and inflammation, ensuring that your fitness journey doesn’t have to be filled with unnecessary soreness. 


3. Stronger Muscle Performance and Flexibility

Your training plan is likely made up of two key factors: workout and recovery. It’s that time between workouts in which your body recovers and grows stronger, inching you closer and closer towards your fitness goals. Regular massages during that time can loosen up the knots and kinks in your muscles, helping them to heal and repair themselves at a stronger rate. Likewise, a massage naturally provides opportunity to stretch out your muscles and ligaments, limiting stiffness and improving flexibility. In short, regular massages will see your workouts and physical capabilities improving – all whilst managing your pain. 


4. Improved Mental Health

Just as regular exercise is shown to improve your mental state and overall wellbeing, regular massages can have a similar effect. The relaxation and easing of stress provided by taking this time to care for your body can not only eliminate pain and tension that may be negatively affecting you, but can also help to decrease anxiety. Massages reduce cortisol levels throughout your body, and paired with the endorphins released after a great workout you’ll find yourself in a much better place as a whole. Mental health is just important as physical health, and regular massages have been proven to benefit both! 


5. Speedy Recovery

By limiting pain and helping your body to recover from tough workouts, massage therapy can massively speed up the recovery process. This obviously benefits your health and body (limiting the amount of time spent suffering from painful aches and tensions), but this also means that you don’t have to wait such long periods between workouts. Taking care of your body with routine massages will have your fitness schedule facing quicker turnarounds, meaning you can spend less time waiting for your muscles to repair and more time focusing on your health. 


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Incorporating massage therapy into your training plan is an all-benefit decision. Whether you’re looking to protect your body from injury, get back to training quicker, or simply improve your overall health, regular massages can help make it happen.  

If you’re looking to start making massages a part of your fitness journey, 13th Beach Health is ready to step in. Reach out to our team today to book an appointment and see the perks of massage therapy for yourself. You won’t regret it! 



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