13 Minutes with 13th Beach Health Services

Life can get busy, and we totally understand that! Thats why the our wonderful practitioners at 13th Beach Health Services want to be able to provide you with fast and simple workouts that can be done from the comfort of your own lounge room.  We want to take a minimalist approach to all of these workouts, using your body weight as resistance and a few odd bits and pieces found around the house (if you have gym equipment at home you can certainly use it to increase the difficulty of some of the exercises provided).
The goal of this initiative is too assist our wonderful patients in becoming more physically active and enjoy many health benefits as a result. We want to strive to assist everyone in meeting the National Activity Guidelines, these suggest that adults should to complete atleast! 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity exercise on 5 days of the week. The beautiful thing about this is it can be broken up into as many pieces at you like. Five of our 13 minute workouts each week gets you over a third of the way!
So no excuses, grab some floor space, put your timer on and let get to it!

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