Returning To Exercise By Physiotherapist Briony Barry


  Returning To Exercise By Briony Barry How much has your activity changed during isolation? You may be more active, you may have been less active. You may have taken up a new activity while your normal routine is interrupted or you may have been nursing a quarantine-related injury. Whatever your circumstances may be, as the discussion [...]

Returning To Exercise By Physiotherapist Briony Barry2022-01-19T19:09:34+11:00

Plantar Fasciopathy By Catherine Nicol


 Plantar Fasciopathy By Catherine Nicol Heel pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal conditions that podiatrists treat and it is fair to say that even if you are lucky enough not to have experienced it yourself, chances are you have a friend or relative who has told you all about a debilitating pain [...]

Plantar Fasciopathy By Catherine Nicol2022-01-19T19:23:42+11:00