Dry Needling Explained


Dry Needling Explained Have you ever wondered what dry needling is or whether it might be suitable for you? Dry needling is a treatment technique used by health professionals to provide pain relief through selective targeting of tight bands of muscles, or ‘knots’, that can relieve trigger points that develop within muscle bellies. Dry [...]

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Chilblains By Catherine Nicol


Chilblains By Catherine Nicol If you have ever experienced chilblains, you will be well aware that these itchy, red or purple, tender lesions can be seriously irritating. The recent drop in Victorian temperatures is a stark reminder that winter is not far away, making now the perfect time to learn all about the potential [...]

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13th BHS Move Club


IT'S HERE, THE 13TH BHS MOVE CLUB We are really excited to bring back our Run Club better than ever!! Over the past few weeks we have been working hard to adapt to these crazy times. One of our focuses has been to take our Wednesday night Run Club virtual. We wanted to make [...]

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