Week 4 Lower Back Pain By Stacey Hall

Week 4 - Lower Back Pain By Stacey Hall - Barwon Heads Triathlon 2020 Low back pain is the most common cause of musculoskeletal pain and unfortunately the biggest complaint that patients present to our clinic in Barwon Heads with. In this video please enjoy watching our Osteopath Stacey discussing the common presentation of low back pain [...]

Week 3 Dynamic Warm Up by Keegan FitzGerald

Week 3 - Dynamic Warm Up by Keegan FitzGerald With all the cycling that Triathletes do, it is very important that you do a correct warm up so our Physiotherapist Keegan has put together a quick video discussing common issues Triathletes present to our clinic and how to warm up correctly before a Triathlon. Please click on [...]

What is Myotherapy?

What is Myotherapy? Myotherapy is the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and injuries that can involve both muscles and restricted joint movement. Your treatment techniques will be personalised to your specific injury and this may include remedial massage, gentle stretching, and dry needling. In conjunction with this, myotherapy also utilises exercise prescription, education about pain management, and activity/lifestyle modification [...]