Pain HURTS!!

Pain HURTS!! Pain hurts a lot of people. Chronic pain effects one in five Australians  and is the most common reason that people present to their doctors or health professionals like physios or osteos. Text books describe pain as an unpleasant sensory feeling to protect our body from real or potential harm, but its simpler than that… [...]

It’s Diabetes Awareness Week!!

Diabetes Awareness Week 2019 Listen to our experienced Podiatrist Denikka as she explains 5 important tips and tricks to avoid preventable complications with good foot health during Diabetes Awareness Week. If you have diabetes or any concerns regarding your feet, please make an appointment with our Podiatrist Denikka by calling the clinic on 5254 2668 [...]

It’s Wound Awareness Week!!

FOOT & LEG ULCERS Unfortunately in Australia wounds are becoming more and more prevalent. Foot and leg ulcers are 'open' sores caused by a break in the skin barrier which doesn't heal properly. Ulcers require immediate treatment as poor healing can lead to nasty things such as infection or even worse - amputation! Ulcers [...]