The Perils of Sitting for Too Long


The Perils of Sitting for Too Long We all know that being sedentary for long periods of time is not so great for our general health and wellbeing, especially if it occurs most days of the week. It has even been said that sitting for extended periods is worse than smoking. This is because [...]

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What Are Foam Rollers Used For?


What Are Foam Rollers Used For? Foam rollers are a useful tool for preventing injury, improving recovery, mobility, flexibility, circulation, etc. They are useful for pre and post workout and can also be helpful for recreational or work-related stiffness and soreness. Most likely you have seen them around – at the gym, at your [...]

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Stepping Through Shin Splints


Stepping Through Shin Splints Shin splints torment many athletes and amateurs alike. If you haven't experienced it for yourself, you have no doubt heard about the pain it causes in the lower leg, around the front or inside of the shin bone (tibia), and how debilitating the pain can be. Generally, it is a [...]

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