Keeping the Winter Flus at Bay


Keeping the Winter Flus at Bay Blink, and before you know it winter is here again! That familiar chill has crept in, and you’re waking up in the dark. It’s also known as the cold and flu season. This appears to be because the viruses involved thrive better in cold, dry weather. Following are [...]

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Myotherapy Vs. Other Therapies


Myotherapy Vs. Other Therapies What is “Myotherapy” and what does a Myotherapist do? Myotherapy is a manual therapy involved with the treatment or prevention of pain and restriction of movement related to muscle or myofascial dysfunction. However, a Myotherapist also works with other areas of pain and dysfunction such as that relating to joints, [...]

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Breathing and the Diaphragm


Breathing and the Diaphragm Breathing. It's something that we do unconsciously at every moment, most of us believing that it's the lungs carrying the load.  So it may surprise you to learn that there is actually an underlying sheet of muscle and tendon that is essential in the breathing process. This "sheet" is known [...]

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