Nourish your noggin with these nutritious brain foods!


We all know that food affects how we feel and how we look. But now more than ever, we’re learning that what we eat affects how we think! Eating nutrient-dense foods rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals doesn’t just fuel us in a purely physical way – it helps us grow new brain [...]

Nourish your noggin with these nutritious brain foods!2018-03-21T16:26:32+11:00

Is it time for new runners?


As the running season continues with several fun run events happening all across Victoria, it is a great time to look at those joggers... Are they worn on one side? Do the heels have holes? Wearing the correct footwear is important allowing us to go the distance as we increase (or start) our training. Now is a perfect time [...]

Is it time for new runners?2018-03-06T17:03:44+11:00