What is recovery? A good practical definition of recovery is ‘the deliberate use of interventions aimed at enhancing an athlete’s capacity to adapt to the physical and mental demands of preparation and performance’. In other words, recovery is doing something that is likely to help an athlete recover more effectively from their training or [...]


What to do 2 days before the Kondak Tri


The hardest part of your triathlon training is over, but what you do during the day before your race can make or break your race. Eat Plenty of Carbohydrates As you've been doing before your long training runs, you should be eating about 65 to 70 percent of your calories from carbs in the days [...]

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Race Day Preparation


Clothing: Have your tri-suit, swimwear, wet suit and/or exercise clothes ready to wear. Consider a practise run in this clothing to ensure comfort and function before the tri. -Goggles -Bike: Recently serviced and tyres pumped up -Cycling shoes -Helmet correctly fitted -Running shoes and socks: Consider elastic laces -Hat/sunglasses if required -Water bottle -Race [...]

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The Nutrient-Dense Smoothie


The Nutrient-Dense Smoothie Why: Too many triathletes rely heavily on packaged sports foods. These might be great for race day and for key workouts, but getting a substantial proportion of your daily calories from sports drinks, gels and chews is less than ideal and will leave you lacking in [...]

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