How to use a spiky ball?


HOW DO SPIKY BALLS WORK? Spiky Massage Balls are sometimes described as evil little torture devices. They have become a popular tool for performing self-therapy on many muscle-related conditions and are a convenient way to maximise muscle recovery for many athletes. But just how do Spiky Balls manage to perform their magic? [...]

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Heat or Ice?


If you suffer a soft tissue injury the best advice we can give you is to... Seek Prompt Medical Advice! The research is very conclusive.  Early accurate assessment and prompt appropriate treatment is much better than delay. Plus, what may appear to be a simple muscle, ligament or soft tissue injury can include a hairline fracture, [...]

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Meet Lachlan


Meet Lachlan... Lachy is a physiotherapist with post graduate training in the area of Sports Physiotherapy. As part of this study, he recently completed a placement with the British Athletic team in Loughborough, England! We're sure he picked up some awesome tips and tricks from some of the world's best/fastest athletes, let [...]

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Neck Pain


Onset of pain may be immediate or there may be a slow onset - pain gradually increases over several days or weeks. Pain or deep ache of the neck, shoulder or arm (this needs to be differentiated from true shoulder pain, such as tendonitis\bursitis). There may be burning or tingling of the arm or hand [...]

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