Monthly Archives: August 2017

Falls Prevention

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that the number of elderly people who die each year from falls has quadrupled over the past decade. 1530 people over the age of 75 died from falls in 2011, compared to 365 in 2002. Falls are also the leading cause of injury-related hospitalisation in persons aged 65 [...]

Towards Wellness August

In some cases, it even comes in its own biodegradable package (think banana peels). If you work in an office, opt for no-mess fruit like apples, bananas or grapes. Fruit will provide you with much-needed energy and nutrients.                                     [...]

Stretch of the Month August

Stretching your shoulders can feel good, especially for those of us who spend long hours hunched over a computer.1. Roll the shoulders down and back, starting with small circles and working up to larger circles.2.Do 10 circles backwards and then repeat forward circles.                           [...]

Stretch of the Month September

Stretching the ITB is slightly different from stretching other muscles, as the ITB is a thick, fibrous band rather than an elastic muscle.1. Stand upright and cross your right leg behind your left2. Lean slightly forwards and to your left side until you feel a stretch on the outside of your right leg3. Lean on a chair/wall [...]